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The guys were feeling a little left out so they asked me to do a little something they can also appreciate. Due to public demand, I’ve decided to create 3 DIY easy and cute gift ideas for the special lady in your life. These are all gifts you can recreate to suit your girl’s interests, preferences and likes.

1.The Lyric Mason Jar

What’s cuter than getting a text like ‘I heard our song today’? Sometimes when you lack words, you’ll use a lyric in place and the result is usually extremely sweet. I wouldn’t mind receiving a mason jar full of special lyrics- it only means that every time I listen to a specific song, I’ll only have one person in mind.

DIY Cute Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

To spice it up, add a bow around the jar and place a picture of the two of you inside it. You can also add other props like hearts, a card, etc.

2.The Couple Wishlist

Try and come up with a sort of couple bucket list of things to do together throughout the course of your relationship. These are things that you can only do together and they have to be fun of course. This gift also gives you two a way of spicing things up if you had started feeling a little dull. Zoom in to see my suggestions (made them as Kenyan as possible).

DIY Cute Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

3.Her Favourite Things

A jar full of personal favourites is a great way to appreciate your girl and just put a smile on her face. You can put anything she loves in the jar- no particular order or size. Just make sure it all fits! And if it doesn’t, you can always replace jar with a cute little box.

DIY Cute Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Gift giving shouldn’t have to be expensive. Always remember the first rule when it comes to gifting “It’s the thought that counts”. I would rather have you send me a heartfelt cut out note than an expensive watch. Or both. Now that would be something. Which of the 3 would you choose? Let me know in the comments below! Happy gifting.


(Photos taken using Infinix Hot 3- HDR off)