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Hello again dear readers. By the end of this post you might think me extremely vain or unbelievably stupid. I’d appreciate if you commented either below the post. If you google ‘whitening teeth using charcoal’, you’ll see it’s not only me who has thought of using black to make white. The only difference between me and millions of others is that they used something called activated charcoal which is a more processed version of charcoal mostly used in medicine. Activated charcoal can be swallowed. Normal charcoal cannot.


One of my new year’s resolutions is to smile my way through 2017 and I can’t be doing that with yellow teeth. I’ve had a problem with teeth discoloration for a while now and I’m always interested in natural ways of whitening my teeth. I decided to give a DIY charcoal teeth whitener a try and see if normal charcoal could work just as well as the processed one. Read on to find out if this was crazy or clever.

DIY Charcoal Teeth Whitener



-A toothbrush


-A drop of extra virgin olive oil

Crush a chunk of charcoal using a pestle until it becomes powder. Wet your new toothbrush with olive oil and run it through some charcoal. Begin brushing your teeth gently for 2 to 3 minutes. Be careful not to swallow the mixture. Spit out the liquid and rinse your mouth thoroughly.

DIY Charcoal Teeth Whitener


DIY Charcoal Teeth Whitener

My Experience

This DIY charcoal teeth whitener works! There was a slight change and my teeth looked  a bit whiter. I think with daily use the result could become more visible, but there’s a high risk of swallowing the mixture. There’s definitely a safety hazard involved here, but it’s one natural way of whitening your teeth that works.

DIY Charcoal Teeth Whitener

Why Olive Oil?

Extra virgin olive oil has been used in teeth whitening recipes for hundreds of years. Olive oil easily travels between your teeth and gums ensuring it removes bacteria and any leftover debris. Olive oil also gets rid of toxins created by gums ensuring your smile is brighter than bright and that your gums stay healthy.

DIY Charcoal Teeth Whitener Tips

-Brush your teeth while bending over the sink so that you don’t stain your clothes.

-Rinse your mouth thoroughly after spitting out the mixture. Use another cleaner toothbrush to rinse out your mouth & check whether you still have any black particles.

-Do NOT swallow the mixture.

Are you also looking for ways to brighten your smile for 2017? You’d be amazed at how many household materials are powerful whitening agents. Charcoal is one, but safety must be observed. Was the DIY charcoal teeth whitener crazy or clever? I’d say it’s a clever idea that could come through for you if you need a simple whitener before a big day, event or occasion. Do you have the guts to try this charcoal whitener? Let me know in the comments below.


(Photos taken using LG Nexus 5)