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All hail avocados! Someone once told me, they couldn’t ever imagine avocados on their face because they don’t deserve to be mistreated like that. I love what avocados do to my tummy and you can bet they give the same satisfaction to your skin.

This green wonder has amazing benefits for your body health as well as the health of your skin. That’s what I call a win-win.

I wish I’d discovered this avocado body scrub sooner. It’s a wonderful explosion of moisture for the skin. If you’ve been yearning to layer up on moisture this season, then read along.

DIY Avocado Scrub

You will need the following;

-1/4 of an avocado

-2 tbsp. sugar

-1 tbsp. olive oil


Mash your avocado in a bowl thoroughly. Add your sugar and olive oil and mix all the ingredients until they form a uniform paste. Apply the scrub onto wet skin in the shower and let sit for 10 minutes before washing off. Use water ONLY to wash off the scrub. Pat your skin dry using a towel and moisturize.

DIY Avocado Scrub

My Experience

This scrub feels so relaxing to massage onto the skin. It has a smooth texture (can vary with how much sugar you add) and a refreshing chill.

DIY Avocado Scrub

I recommend using this scrub within five minutes of preparation because the sugar crystals will dissolve into the avocado if you wait longer. When this happens, your mask will slowly lose its exfoliating power. At least that’s how I felt. After washing the scrub off, I noticed my skin was shining brighter, looked softer and cleaner. The mask gave my skin a real boost- skin that looked dry and cracked now looks moisturized and even.

Skin feels moisturized even without applying any cream or lotion.

Beauty Benefits Of Ingredients Used

Treating your skin to an avocado scrub is one of the best ways of pampering it. Avocados tighten pores and hydrate dry skin. Avocados contain anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties which keep skin looking healthy and young. With properties like Vitamin E, fatty acids and natural oils, you can be sure that you are literally one step away from enjoying beautiful and fresh looking skin thanks to avocados.

DIY Avocado Scrub

Avocado Scrub Tips

-This mask is very messy. You’ll need to apply it in the shower.

-Not to be applied when in a rush. Take your time.

-Store any excess and use in 2-3 days

Will you be trying this avocado scrub anytime soon? I would love to hear your experience. I will be using this all through June and will update on any results.

 (Photos taken using LG Nexus 5- HDR on)