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I’ve decided to start a fun series here on the blog about monthly discoveries. At the start of the year I challenged myself to discover more. This meant that I’d have to open myself up to new experiences and be child-like, cultivate a spirit of adventure. There’s something new to discover every day, be it the early morning song of the bird that woke up to catch the worm, or the sway of trees in a storm.

Here are my discoveries from February;

1.The Goodness Of A Coffee Scrub

Coffee scrubs smell so deliciously sweet! This month I tried my first coffee scrub and the exfoliating power as well as delicious smell made it deserve a top spot on my best scrubs list. It’s so easy to make and the results are so darn good!

Discoveries From February 2017

2.Kentaste Coconut Oil Price Hike

They’ve gone on and hiked our favourite coconut oil’s price from 390/- for 400ml to 460/-. That’s 70bob extra from the last time I bought it and no the size of the jar hasn’t changed. I wonder why there’s a price change, but the disappointment can’t keep me away from this toasty smell. *Sniffs*

Discoveries From February 2017


Cosplay is a culture of dressing up as a famous known character in a movie, cartoon, series, comic, anime, book, personality, etc. The only limit is the character must be known. I attended the coscom event by Movie Jabber earlier in the month and experienced the cosplay culture in its glory. We got to speak with famous cosplayers from different parts of the world, as well as learn the importance of cosplay and the impact it has worldwide.

Discoveries From February 2017

4.The Power Of Gratitude

I have noticed that ever since I started practicing gratitude, I am in a better mood nowadays and also so much happier. I’m all about manifestation this year and I am glad these little gratitude practices are helping me design a happier life day by day.

Discoveries From February 2017

5.Week 7 of the #52WeekChallenge

Saving has definitely had its challenges over some of the past 7 weeks, but your girl is slowly pulling through. I try as much as possible to save the target amount of the week, but try not to beat myself up so bad if I am 100 to 200 shillings short of it. How’s your saving going?

Discoveries From February 2017

6.An Olepolos Sunset

I love sunrises and sunsets. To me they signify beginnings and endings- everything that has a start will end. I draw so much energy from them and this one I caught at Olepolos was no different. I love how she shines on my beer as she says goodbye to our world for the day. It’s almost as if she’s speaking to us, ‘Until tomorrow guys, but first bask in my glory’. The hills in the distance, the sun sinking behind them, a cold beer in hand, what else makes life perfect? Nyama Choma goes for 800/- for a kilo and beers are sold at 200/-.

Discoveries From February 2017


Kish is Wakisha is now officially a year older. Woah! It’s been a year of creating content for you and sharing all the quirky ideas in my head with you. There’s a lot of processing and reflecting going on in my head, but I couldn’t be happier! Thank you for being awesome and reading this and connecting with me! To another year ahead with you 🙂

Discoveries From February 2017