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To the action lovers, the ones who like to pretend they’re Spiderman before bed and the heroes lurking in the Nairobi darkness, do you think you deserve a treat? Hear Ye, Hear Ye.


There’s watching a movie and then there’s watching a movie at IMAX Kenya. You need to be there to feel it. It starts right from the moment you enter the viewing hall.

The IMAX viewing hall is immense. I remember feeling like it looked like an Opera House when I stepped up onto the stairs. The stairs. I’m walking up the stairs to get to my seat E23. I like to sit in the front so I don’t miss any IMAX Deadpool action.

And who cranked up the AC in here? It is cold as a mothereffer in there. I’m not even kidding. It is cold.

But the screen is massive. Massive enough for the guy at Row J to watch clearly. (I kept thinking that the characters would leap out of the screen during the movie).

It’s huger than I expected. I definitely wasn’t ready.

Deadpool: The IMAX review

Deadpool is about a rogue ex Special Forces guy, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) turned mercenary. After he undergoes an experiment that leaves him with superpowers including an incredible amount of strength, precision and healing abilities. The trigger-happy Deadpool, armed with his swords, a dark sense of humor and incredible martial arts skills, is out to hunt the man who ruined his life.

Deadpool at IMAX Kenya
Deadpool is the latest installment from Marvel.

While watching the movie I couldn’t tell if Deadpool was a hero or villain. He’s just a guy who’s out to seek revenge on a bad guy, but willing to destroy city property and endanger lots of lives while at it.

Deadpool to me felt like a mix of action, romance, comedy and drama. One minute we’re laughing, the next we’re grabbing onto our IMAX seats for dear life. I loved the thrill.

Deadpool at IMAX Kenya
The latest Marvel movie Deadpool is pretty much a big deal. It had the highest opening weekend than any other Marvel movie. That’s Ironman, Captain America, Wolverine, etc.

There aren’t a lot of good movies on screen right now, but Deadpool is one worth watching at IMAX. It isn’t just about the humongous screen, the crystal clear motion picture or the awesome sound. It’s about being there to say you lived the true IMAX experience.

What’s more important to you, saving a few shillings on a poorly downloaded CD movie or having the best kickass night of your life?
Deadpool at IMAX Kenya
Earlier on I asked you whether you think you deserve a treat i.e. some time to yourself, some solo love. Why don’t you buy a ticket to Deadpool at IMAX? You can check the next time it’s showing here:

There are movies meant to be watched at home with your chores undone, pajamas wet with spaghetti sauce and then there are movies meant to be watched in 2D, with Bass boosted sound, overpriced snacks in hand and your boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend or friendzoned friend at IMAX Kenya.

Grab yourself a ticket to Deadpool at IMAX today!

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