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The Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer just came out recently and I felt like I should pay homage to Deadpool who began the genesis of my blog. What did we love about the first Deadpool movie? It was about a superhero with a dark twisted sense of humour which gets you laughing every single time he speaks. I think Hollywood really needed that. Before Deadpool, I used to think there could be no one as funny as Ironman.

Watch The Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer Here:

I can’t picture anyone more perfect than Ryan Reynolds for the role of Deadpool. I’m still waiting for the day he wakes up, turns over to Blake Lively, brushes her goldilocks away from her face, looks her square in the face and says, “You know what? I think I should be with Kish”.

Deadpool is a breath of fresh air when you think about all the heroes Hollywood has given us over the years. There’s a lot to love about this movie, but what gets me the most is that it’s not cliché. I can tell by the first Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer that fans are truly in for another non-cliché movie that’s going to be as memorable as the last. God bless you Tim Miller.

The trailer contains just one scene where Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is walking along the street and sees a robbery in progress. An old man has a gun to his head with the promise of being shot if he doesn’t surrender his possessions. Of course we expect Deadpool to come at him and he is also inclined to do the same. He rushes to a phone booth and quickly starts undressing so he can put on his Deadpool outfit.

We’re used to superheroes having lightning speed outfit changes like Superman, Spiderman, etc. But because Deadpool is anything but regular, he takes ages to take his clothes off and it doesn’t help that he is inside the narrowest phone booth on Earth. He takes so long that the old man in the alley is shot dead by the time he’s done.

As Deadpool walks over to the scene of the shooting, we imagine he’d break down and start crying or at least take a moment. Instead he sits down and uses the old man’s freshly shot belly as a pillow and enjoys an ice-cream that was part of the old man’s groceries all the while engaging in a one sided conversation with himself.

The script is still incredibly funny and Deadpool is still a colossal asshole. The trailer thoroughly impressed me and I am eagerly waiting for this movie. Certified Deadpool fan.

Things To Note

-The phone booth Deadpool changes in is written ‘Nathan Summers is cumming (spelt as seen) soon”. Nathan Summers aka Cable is a Marvel comic villain who is believed to be Deadpool’s nemesis in Deadpool 2.

-There’s a theater on the street reading “Logan”, which is currently in theaters. There’s also a Logan poster in the alley where the old man gets shot.

-When Deadpool comes out of the theater, another old guy shouts “Nice suit!”. This is Stan Lee who is a Marvel co-creator and is credited with the birth of several characters including Spiderman, Thor, X-Men, Deadpool, etc.

-At the end when Deadpool is engaging in his solo conversation he says that Logan would have saved the old man faster and begins talking in an Aussie accent. This is because Hugh Jackman is Australian.

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