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Sometimes you fool yourself into thinking you’ve seen it all and then an event occurs and totally shifts your perceptions, such that you begin doubting your own judgment. I had the great misfortune of encountering such a scenario a few months back when I came across a man by the name Saleh Wanjala. Saleh Wanjala is the 41 year old man who clung onto the helicopter carrying dead businessman Jacob Juma’s remains. It’s an act that dubbed him the James Bond of Kenya, the Daredevil of Luhyaland and the Bungoma Hangman. This last title is the subject of this post.

Bungoma Hangman Game Review

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The Bungoma Hangman is a Kenyan game developed by Mesmerize Games.


This game has a very simple premise; help the hanging man cling to the helicopter without crashing into birds or electricity lines. Players are to collect pieces of food which help him cling on to the helicopter for as long as possible. The pieces of food include a plate of ugali, Sukuma wiki (greens) and chicken.

Bungoma Hangman Game Review

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What to love about Bungoma Hangman

-Any players who know the story behind the game will find that the concept is highly entertaining despite the disclaimer at the beginning.

-It’s a creative game with challenges that any player can easily overcome. Kids as well as adults will enjoy the game.

-The graphics are simple and the controls are easy to understand.

-It’s free. Download Bungoma Hangman on Android HERE.

Bungoma Hangman Game Review

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What not to like about Bungoma Hangman

-There’s not much more to the game aside from dodging birds and electricity poles. Players can easily get bored because after 10 minutes of playing, you’ve probably seen all there is to see.

Bungoma Hangman makes for a good laugh and is a highly creative game. Waiting for more interesting updates from Mesmerize Games on this one, but for now a 4/10 will do.

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