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We Cut Keys While You Wait is Blinky Bill’s brainchild- the first solo EP from this electronic music genius. Blinky Bill is 1/3 of Just A Band, no doubt one of the most amazing bands in Kenya.

Blinky Bill We Cut Keys While You Wait

Aside from its title, what else is going to get you hooked about this EP? Plenty. The strength of this EP lies in its collaborations. Blinky has sought the talents of Sage, Maia Von Lekow, Shappaman, his bandmate Nairobi Dhobi and Aero Manyelo. If that’s not already a star lineup in itself then I don’t know what is.

MVL’s voice in Don’t Doubt is so beautiful, it could literally lull you into sleep. Not kidding. Her voice is the stuff of angels. Don’t Doubt is easily my favorite song on the EP thanks to the smooth beats powered with beautiful vocals and Blinky’s sound.

Wacha Maneno featuring Shappaman is a straight up banger. It’s nothing but four minutes of a massive dose of energy and catchy lines.

Rise featuring Sage is another one of my favorites in this EP. It’s a slow paced track. Blinky’s flow is easy to fall in love with. “Why we care more about socialites than social rights I will never know”, Blinky raps. Sage’s voice is perfection as well. She does this song true justice.

Oh man, Kwani Iko Nini is the song that’s got me bobbing my head so furiously, I could literally knock it right off my shoulders. The video is full on artistic. Blinky is seated on a couch all through because we can already feel his heavy presence throughout the beat.

I Should Have Learnt Kung-Fu is the last track on the EP and it makes for a thrilling, upbeat end to We Cut Keys While You Wait.

Many of us took the news of Just A Band’s hiatus quite roughly. Our consolation is this EP and the promise of Blinky Bill’s upcoming album (Everyone’s Just Winging It & Other Fly Tales) as well as other cool stuff from the band

Expectations from We Cut Keys While You Wait? Aside from stellar production skills you’ll enjoy a lot of head bobbing, feet tapping and track looping. I’m currently caught up in all 3 as you read this.

Blinky Bill EP Review- 8/10

Listen to Blinky Bill’s EP We Cut Keys While You Wait here: