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Ever had those days when you’re craving a spa experience, but just can’t afford to break the bank for it? I’ve been on that boat several times girl. Heck, I might even be the captain. Oats are one of the oldest ingredients used in skin care dating as far back as 4000 years ago. They have amazing skin nourishing properties for your skin, the best part being that they are all-natural.

Basic 2-ingredient Oatmeal Scrub

This is a 2-ingredient homemade scrub that includes;

-1 tbsp. oats

-Warm water


Put some oats in a bowl and add a little warm water to make a paste. Leave it to cool a bit. Steam your face with hot water or use a warm cloth to open your pores.

Gently rub the oatmeal scrub on your face starting from your forehead then downwards. Don’t scrub your eye area as skin here is highly sensitive. Let the scrub sit on your face for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse off with warm water then cold water to close your pores. Pat dry using a towel and then use your favourite moisturizer.

My Experience

This scrub is very easy to make, but can be a pain because of its messy nature. It will dry really fast on your skin. I felt a slight itchiness as I waited for it to dry. The itchiness became too much to handle after some time. I had to rush to the sink to wash it off. At the 15th minute mark I began to feel a tightness that I really appreciated. Oats have anti-aging properties.

This oatmeal scrub had my skin feeling softer, but it is very drying. I liked this scrub, but wouldn’t use it again unless I had no other alternative. It’s not a very intense exfoliant which means twice a week usage is enough.

Why Use An Oatmeal Scrub?

Because of their grainy texture, oats are a great exfoliant and have good scrubbing power. Oats can absorb dirt and impurities, exfoliate, deep cleanse pores, hydrate and soften your skin. A basic oatmeal scrub such as this one can be a natural and effective way of treating many skin problems like acne, sunburns, oily/dry skin, blemishes, razor burns, pimples, etc. Its gentle nature makes oats perfect for sensitive skin.

Basic 2-ingredient Oatmeal Scrub

An oatmeal scrub can leave your skin looking and feeling like a million bucks. Why deny yourself that?

Basic 2-ingredient Oatmeal Scrub Tips

-Before starting your spa experience at home, make sure you calm yourself and create a relaxing ambience. Block out all negatives in your life and relax.

-Take your time with the process for the best results

-Use before showering because the oats can be very difficult to remove.

Basic 2-ingredient Oatmeal Scrub

I got my pack of Morning Harvest Oats at Tuskys for around 130/-. I enjoy using oats as a breakfast option as well as a beauty ingredient. When’s the last time you exfoliated your skin? You’re going to need a tough match against all that dead skin and a spoon of oats may just be it!

(Photos taken using LG Nexus 5- HDR on)