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When Osborne Macharia and Kevo Abbra combine forces, you almost always know it’s going to be a phenomenal result. Of course their work wouldn’t be complete without Corrine Muthoni and Richard Kinyua who are both hair stylists and Valery Mdeizi who is a makeup artist.

ATIE Blinky Bill X Mitya

We have seen this team collaborate on several projects including the Kabangu 4, the Kipipiri 4, the story of the Nairobi Underground Fight Club and the League of Extravagant Grannies. What we didn’t know is that this team would surprise us by featuring the grannies in Blinky Bill’s latest video.

Watch ‘ATIE’ by Blinky Bill and Mitya here:

In the music video Atie, the grannies’ stances suggest that they hold senior titles in the land. One of them has a spear in hand and her domineering walk says “I own the place”. The story behind the video is one of the Magadi 4. They are a group of former female circumcisers living in the vast desert plains of Lake Magadi who abandoned the practice and took up Ethnic Fashion as an alternative livelihood.

‘ATIE’ Blinky Bill X Mitya

The four ladies now shelter young girls escaping early marriage, teaching them fashion skills like styling, print work, fashion design and modeling for both local and international runways. It’s no wonder Atie sounds like something you’d play before a battle- like what King Leonidas would play for the 300 right before they went out to face Xerxes.

Check out these incredible transformations;

The song features Mitya, an internationally recognized Russian beatboxer, producer, instrumentalist and altogether Jack of all trades. I assume Mitya is behind the electric and pop sound while Blinky is behind the funky rhythm and of course the vocals.

ATIE Blinky Bill X Mitya

The song didn’t really do it for me, but the videography is stunning. The visuals are so good I’d watch it on mute. You will find yourself falling in love with the dry desert looking landscape of Magadi, Kenya, the flashing images of fire, but not the creepy shot of the granny holding a lamp.

I love how the camera captures the details of the Magadi 4’s faces, jewelry, the intricate gowns. The pieces are incredibly gorgeous and full of colour. Before I could decide what I liked about the subjects, the song ended. Not that it was too short, but that there is so much to love about this video that it’s so difficult to pick out just one thing.

Major props to the video directors Osborne Macharia and Andrew Mageto. Bless us with more of your creativity, but spare us anything too extraordinary for we are not worthy.