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Okay, if no one else will say it, I will.

We all had an Alaine phase a few years back. Mine hit me in high school. I don’t think there’s any girl out there who has never had an Alaine song as a song dedication be it by their high school boyfriend, a stray ex, that annoying guy who always pops up in your messages or even an over-friendly boda boda guy.

Alaine’s Rise in LoveYou Are Me and No Ordinary Love helped me begin my love affair with reggae. Reggae to me is like an ice cube on a burn. Reggae cools my soul.

The song ‘Wafula’ by Alaine and Churchill all started as a freestyle which all of us laughed and laughed about, talked about with our friends the week after, then later moved on to the next story. As we always do.

Alaine Feat. Churchill Wafula Music Video

But not Alaine and Churchill. They must have been laughing at the stroke of “geniusness” they just had. A year later, and they have released an Alaine Feat. Churchill – Wafula song complete with a music video. Alaine shot the video in Kakamega, Kenya at various locations most noticeable being The Crying Stone of Ilesi.

The Crying Stone of Ilesi

The Crying Stone of Ilesi looks like a gowned figure with tears flowing from its peak to base. To the government, it’s just another tourist attraction. To the scientists, it’s an acid plutonic rock that consists mainly of mica, quartz, alkali and feldspar. But to the people, The Crying Stone of Illesi is of great cultural and spiritual significance.

Villagers say that when the stone cries, it’s a good omen indicating a great harvest. When there’s drought, the community holds rituals at the crying stone to persuade gods to make it rain. And when the stone cries and there’s drought, that has a symbolic meaning too.

The site of The Crying Stone of Ilesi is also used to cleanse victims of incest. Some of the cleansed say that the cleansing is so effective, that they have never encountered a misfortune since.

The video clarity is amazing, Alaine’s wardrobe is casual, sexy and elegant, and her skin looks so silky, you could eat off it. Churchill’s acting is great and LOL at the blue phone with an aerial he pulls out of his pocket. His rap skills also make the song absolutely funny, yet deliver the message- Alaine is seriously looking for Wafula.

The Rhythm is soft and upbeat at some stages, it will get you involuntarily bobbing your head. As always, Alaine gets all the notes right shifting from high to low with ease.

The video has a story aspect. Alaine sees Wafula and the audience can tell it’s love at first sight. Alaine loses the chance to speak to Wafula and the search for Alaine’s Wafula starts. She enlists Churchill’s help and the search for Wafula is on!

Alaine Feat. Churchill Wafula Music Video

Wafula if you are out there and you are reading this, please contact Alaine on her Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Watch Alaine and Churchill’s Wafula Music Video here.

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