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A few weeks back I posted a rosemary soap review, the first of the two soaps I purchased from Akusi Organics. This is the second- a charcoal turmeric soap. The soap has two obvious main ingredients, charcoal and turmeric among a host of other natural ingredients.


The packaging is very unappealing and won’t draw you in.

Akusi Organics Charcoal Turmeric Soap


The soap is suitable for hand and body use. When it gets wet the texture becomes a bit rough and sometimes even sandy. I don’t mind it at all.

Akusi Organics Charcoal Turmeric Soap


The charcoal turmeric soap lasted shorter than the rosemary soap, but I expected this because it was smaller in size. This soap has a very mild scent, almost non-existent. I’d recommend buying the charcoal and turmeric soap for face use and the rosemary soap for body use.

Why Charcoal Turmeric Soap?

A charcoal turmeric soap can clear pores and push out dirt and build up from the inside. The result is healthy, clean skin which is eventually toxin free.

Akusi Organics Charcoal Turmeric Soap

Charcoal penetrates skin and draw out dirt and oils clogging the pores. Turmeric enhances your skin’s glow. Having this soap in your skin regimen can ensure your skin is detoxed, moisturized and healthy.

Akusi Organics Charcoal Turmeric Soap: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

I bought this soap for 150/-.  I would say it is a fair price considering the skin benefits that this soap will have on your skin. You can view more products from Akusi Organics on their Instagram page.

Is this something you would use? I’m definitely going to have this soap in rotation. I love that it has so many healthy benefits for the skin. The fact that it is all-natural is the icing on the cake.