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I don’t remember the last time I went on a trip as good as the one I had during the December holiday. I feel that my overall experience was impacted by all the beauty and good vibes I soaked up at the coast. The latter of the two is what I credit for leading me to the following cool discoveries from my Mombasa trip.

1.IL Covo Restaurant Walkway

Mombasa Trip, Il Covo Italian Restaurant

This walkway feels like something that leads to Adam and Eve’s home. There are towering trees on either side, well-tended gardens and flowers on the pathway that seem to have fallen there on purpose. As if to make sure you hold on to the beauty of that memory forever.

Mombasa Trip, Il Covo Italian Restaurant

2.Kirenje’s Pub/Restaurant

Kirenje’s is a restaurant located behind Kahama hotel in Bamburi. Ask for Kenya Bay Hotel on your way there. It’s a spot that has a reputation for serving the tastiest fish. After enjoying this plate of freshly prepared mkizi, I was sure I had never tasted fish as good as that. It took just 30 minutes for our food to be served. The attendants are friendly and eager to make the user’s experience a great one. Kirenje is also a friendly and welcoming host and his place has very good décor- you’re sure to enjoy a meal with friends here.

Mombasa Trip, Kirenje Pub/Restaurant

PS: I didn’t finish all the fish by myself. This plate served 4 people and we were all extremely full by the end. Each person paid 400/- for the entire meal which was Ugali, Fish and Kachumbari.

3.Severin Lodge Swing Bar 

Mombasa Trip, Severin Sea Lodge Bar

One of the things that drew me to the Severin Sea Lodge Swing Bar was its beautiful design. It looked like a lighthouse and I the lost sailor thirsty for a non-salty pint.

Mombasa Trip, Severin Lodge Swing Bar, Swing Bar

The bartender is very friendly and a beer goes for 250/-. The askari kept giving us the stink eye like we’d come to rob the place or something. This was very distasteful so my friends and I finished our beers and left.

Mombasa Trip, Severin Lodge Swing Bar


It amazes me that a fruit can store water like this and have its own unique and distinct taste. Where does the water come from? This was my first time trying madafu in Mombasa and I loved it. It’s refreshing, has a certain coolness to it and is delicious.

Mombasa Trip, What Is Madafu, Madafu drink

Once you’re done drinking the water, ask your server to peel the white insides for you as they’re also edible. I bought this at 50bob only.


I collected some of the most beautiful shells on Bamburi beach. A seashell hunting expedition might just be one of my favourite things to do now. I wanted a piece of the ocean with me here in Nairobi and the seashells I collected are doing a great job at that. The different colours and patterns tell a unique ocean story that draws you in to listen.

Mombasa Trip, Seashells, Mombasa beaches

6.Army Coloured Caves

Mombasa Trip, Caves in Mombasa

It’s really amazing what wonders nature holds such as this one. This cave I discovered in Bamburi beach has beautiful colours that resemble army markings.

Mombasa Trip.

It’s also a great photo spot and has tinier caves that are great picnics spots for you and your boo. Be sure to leave before the tide comes in.

7.Polka dotted goats

Because never have I seen a goat with such cute print

9 Discoveries From My Mombasa Trip

8.An Ocean Sunrise

9 Discoveries From My Mombasa Trip, Sunrise in Mombasa, Best place to watch the sunrise in Mombasa

You never know just how dumbfounded you can get until you are face to face with an ocean sunrise. Is it beautiful? No. I think that word does it a great injustice. It would need to be described with a series of adjectives such as amazing, phenomenal, unreal, dazing and perfect. And when she hits the water? Sigh. You almost feel like you could sell your soul to the gods and relive that single moment over and over and over and over and…

9.The Beauty Of Group Travel

Mombasa Trip, Traveling with Friends, Group Travel, Mombasa

As an introvert, group travel can be extremely overwhelming for me. For a time, I despised group travel but my Mombasa trip has completely changed my perception. I have learnt that if you open yourself to new experiences, there’s a certain magic that lies in group travel. With a group, the memories last forever and the experience itself is second to none.

Did you make any discoveries of your own this past holiday? I’d love to hear any experiences you had in your particular travel destination. Comment below with your favourite.